Contacting the Author by Email

The abuse of the Internet by people using it to spam information about products or to distribute viruses or worms has become a growing problem. Email addresses are being harvested from websites through page crawls, and added to databases around the world. The worst developments are the ever-increasing receipts by all of us of unsolicited emails from companies, invitations to participate in get-rich-quick schemes, and explicit emails from undesirable individuals. 

Sometimes these emails can take on an alias, as though forwarded from an innocent friend or associate. This can happen if they have a virus on their system or have entered their details into a seemingly innocent questionnaire on the net. 

For this reason, we have deleted our email address from these webpages.

To email the author of the Mapleton Tramway or Stories from Nambour pages, please type the following into your email program:-

john followed by the at symbol, then

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