held at Starfield Observatory,   2 km from Nambour, Queensland


Courses in Astronomy have been conducted from 2007 until the present day. They will continue to be held as long as the demand requires them.


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Occasionally, two are run concurrently. The courses chosen will depend on the requirements of participants.

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Each course runs for eight weeks, one night per week.  Each night will feature the following activities:

     Becoming acquainted with the naked-eye night sky - learning to recognise and identify stars, constellations, the moon and planets ....  you will be guided around the sky by laser

     Observing available sky objects through the Observatory's telescopes - close-up views of the Moon and planets, and awe-inspiring views of double stars, multiple stars, clusters, nebulae, dust clouds, exploded stars and galaxies

     Multimedia workshops to enhance understanding of how and why the universe appears the way it does

     Practical assistance with the use of participants' telescopes if they have them, and provision of advice on how to choose the best telescope for you.

Presenter:   John Henley, FRAS

Fees for 8-week course:        to be advised.

The next courses in astronomy will begin in 2024, when the weather hopefully becomes more settled. COVID-19 restrictions will need to be complied with and may require postponement of courses. Intending participants should contact the Observatory and secure their place as soon as possible.

The starting time is  6:30 pm. 

To book your place in a course, or to find out about course content, contact the Starfield Observatory on 5441 1014 or by email.

Bookings are accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Courses are limited to 10 participants, so that all will have plenty of time to look through the telescopes without having to wait. If the designated nights are cloudy, the courses will go ahead, and extra nights added at the end to compensate for lost telescope time.



Here are some photographs taken at the conclusion of the Autumn 2009 Introductory Course in astronomy:

Helen, Bob, Michelle, Greg, Ian, Karen (behind mount) and Paul

Michelle, Greg, Ian, Paul, Susheela, Judy and Kathy

Helen, Bob, Michelle, Greg and Ian (obscured)

Michelle, Greg, Ian, Karen (behind mount) and Paul

Karen, Paul, Judy and Susheela

Paul tests Greg's zoom eyepiece

Michelle and Greg are experienced amateur astronomers from Brisbane

Paul and Greg check the computer when observing the Black Eye galaxy

Karen helps Kathy to program her new GoTo Celestron


Click here to receive a detailed description of the content of each course, or to enrol in a course.


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