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Comparison photographs - then and now


Photo 1a:  The horseshoe curve and the start of the climb up the Highworth escarpment in 1903.

Photo 1b:  The same stretch of line during the drought of 2004, which revealed many artefacts.

Photo 1c:  The same stretch of line as it usually appears, in the good season of 2006.


Photo 2a:  A tram with about 120 people riding on benches bolted to 12 cane trucks descends the Highworth Range behind the Dulong locomotive.

Photo 2b:  A party of men re-enact the event at the same site, minus the tram. Note the road to Mapleton near the skyline at upper left.

Photo 2c: An excursion tram descending the Highworth Range lets agile passengers off at a point in the foreground, then crawls around a semicircular curve to the point shown, and waits for those who got off to hurry across the little valley and climb back on board.

Photo 3a:  Two trams are at the Pope's (Story's) siding junction. The Mapleton is heading towards Mapleton with what appears to be the regular daily tram, while the Dulong is shunting some wagons onto the siding.

Photo 3b:  The same site in 2002, near the intersection of the Nambour-Mapleton Road with Willandra Place.


Photo 4a:   Looking south-west along Obi Obi Road to the distant Mapleton Public Hall from the Delicia Road intersection, in 1932. The tramline is on the far side of the small creek which drains the swamp (Lilyponds). The Mapleton Sawmill dominates the picture.

Photo 4b:  The same view in 2003. The Hall is still visible through the war memorial bunya-pine trees, which have grown substantially. The old School residence (right) has been relocated to the redundant tramway easement.


Photo 5a:  The tram hauled by the Mapleton has set back to Whalley's store at the Mapleton crossroads to unload goods at the veranda. The local charabanc is ready to take tram passengers to the Mapleton Falls for the afternoon.

Photo 5b:  Whalley's Store was destroyed by fire in 1992. Its site at the intersection of Post Office Road, Nambour-Mapleton Road, Flaxton Drive and Obi Obi Road is now occupied by Piccabeen's Cafe (at centre, with a pointed roof).

Photo 6a:   A tram hauled by Dulong has just arrived at Mapleton, near the intersection of Delicia Road and Obi Obi Road. Passengers are transferring to motor cars and a charabanc in order to visit local tourist attractions. In the background are the local cafe and Ocean View Hotel. The year is 1924.

Photo 6b:  The same spot, in 2002. The Ocean View Hotel, now the Mapleton Tavern, may be glimpsed behind the trees at top centre. The chain-wire fence marks the western boundary of the Mapleton State School grounds.



Photo 7a:  The Moreton Sugar Mill in its final seasons.

Photo 7b:  The Moreton Mill site remains vacant in December 2006, three years after closure.

Work begins in preparing the site for construction in early 2012.


Photo 8a:  The Moreton Central Sugar Mill in its final year of operation, 2003

   Photo 8b:  The Mill entrance in 2007 - no tours !

Photo 8c:  The vacant Mill site in January 2007.

Photo 8d:  Machinery moved in to prepare the site for construction in early 2012.

Photo 8e:  Overall view of the mill site in June 2012.


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